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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a course designed to give you a range of valuable driving experiences in complete safety. You will encounter situations and problems that you have never faced before. The length of the course is a minimum of 6 hours.

The modules covered are:

  • Town and City driving
  • All Weather driving
  • Rural Roads driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual Carriageway driving                                                                         
  • Motorway driving
Pass Plus


Pass plus assesses candidates throughout the course, and you must successfully complete all modules to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Advantages of a Pass Plus Driving Courses

Anyone can take a Pass Plus Driving Course. It is particularly useful to reduce the risk of being in a road accident and to boost the confidence of new drivers who are more likely to have a crash in their first two years of driving than any other time in their driving career.

Major insurance companies now recognise pass plus and can save up to 30% off your insurance premiums.

For more information look at the official Pass Plus web site.

Motorway and Refresher Driving lessons

Motorway driving lessons

Hendy Driving School provides motorway driving lessons to help people who have passed their driving test to master the skills needed to drive on our motorway network.

MotorwayOur motorway driving lessons will help you become more aware of how dangerous motorways can be due to heavier traffic and the higher speeds involved. We will show you why you need to be fully alert at all times as tiredness can kill. Busy motorway junctions can be very intimidating if you have not got the driving skills needed and confidence to deal with them safely and correctly.

The British weather is very unpredictable so you constantly need to be able to adjust your driving to meet the challenging road conditions and help plan a safe journey. Hendy Driving School offers excellent training for any problems you may encounter driving on a motorway.

Refresher driving lessons

Mountain RoadIf you haven't driven for a while then Hendy Driving School strongly recommends that you take a few refresher driving lessons.

Drivers need to refresh their knowledge from time to time and keep up with changes in the law. Even experienced drivers can develop bad habits and let their standards slip.

Hendy Driving School offers refresher driving lessons for people who need to perfect parking techniques, help with building confidence and awareness and planning for todays traffic conditions.